Who are we


The club groups together motorcycle riders who are all passionate about BMW motorbikes, who want to discover new scenery and who wish to meet other like-minded owners of the famous Bavarian brand.

Originally, the club BMW MOA (Motorcycle Owners of America) was American and was represented by clubs all over the world who had signed a charter.

In 1979, Carole,  a French member from Dunkirk,  took part in the BMW Canada  event hosted by MOA.

She subsequently joined the club with 6 other members and opened the French chartered club which was called “the French Connection.” .

 Today, many years later, the club still exists and is still as dynamic with its annual gatherings, internet site, etc.


We have more than a hundred members who come from all over France, Belgium and the UK.

The regions the most represented are The North, Brittany, the Pays de Loire region and the Paris basin.

Over the years, members from the departments  of Isére, the Haute Garonne, the Charentes, the Pyrénées Atlantiques, Gironde, the Rhône, the Vienne, the Meuse, have joined the club.

 Take a look at the Google Map below of all our members in Europe  : 


We advise anyone interested in joining to participate in one of our gatherings before signing up in order to get a feel for the club atmosphere.

Otherwise, you can contact us either by email at contact@bmwmoafc.fr, or download the membership form in its PDF or DOCX version or by mail at the following address (see below):