Club rules

Like any other organisation, BMWMOA French Connection has its rules.

The 12 rules are laid out in the list below.

The purpose of these rules is not to set a rigid framework but to remind ourselves of the values that gave birth to the BMWMOAFC club in order for future members to freely and willingly adhere to them.



The club’s name is the BMWMOA French Connection


As the club is affiliated to the BMWMOA it is a non-profit making organisation which serves to promote tourism and camping in France.


The members of the club must have a BMW whatever the series or model.


The club members will pay their annual subscription as soon as the treasurer requests them to do so, in order to keep their membership up to date and in order to be able to vote for new committee members.


The membership fee is decided upon during the Annual General Meeting. In the case where a member ceases membership during the course of the year the membership fee cannot be reimbursed. Membership runs from 1st January - 31st December of the year.  


Club members agree not to participate in any demonstrations or cause any trouble on the public highways in the name of the club. Transgression of this rule will lead to the exclusion of the member concerned.


Members agree not to abuse reasonable alcohol limits during events. Transgression of this rule will lead to the definitive exclusion of the member concerned.


Exclusion of members who transgress the rules will be decided upon during the AGM or an exceptional AGM and will concern the majority present.


The steering committee members of the club (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary) will be elected  each year during the AGM.


In the case of the BMWMOA French-Connection being dissolved , all funds in the treasury will be donated to a public charity selected by vote.


Amendments to the present constitution can be added by request from one of the members after a vote.


During the annual international event which takes place during Ascension, only BMW motorbikes will be accepted. Exceptions to this rule will be dealt with and voted on after a unanimous vote by the committee. These exceptions will only concern former owners of BMW motorbikes.